The Power of Natural Ingredients

The Power of Natural Ingredients

At Beyond, we love all things natural because we believe that our bodies are better adapted to natural ingredients, therefore respond extremely well to them. Anything natural is more likely to be in tune with our biological system compared to synthetic ingredients that are alien to our biological make-up. Here’s just a few reasons why natural skincare products are much more effective than traditional skincare products:

1. Natural skincare contains gentle ingredients that are kinder to skin. Many synthetic ingredients have drying agents within them that are counter effective to their intended moisturising properties and have a high incidence of leading to reactions. With natural skincare, ingredients are derived straight from nature and various plants and fruits which contain a whole array of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that our skin seems to love. The only exception would be if you’re allergic to an ingredient, so always remember to carry out a patch test when trying a new product.

2. It’s better for your overall health. The skin is the largest organ on our body and it can absorb many nutrients but also take in harmful toxins. A lot of traditional skincare products can contain phthalates or parabens which can cause skin issues, irritation and internal problems in the long run. A recent study showed that the average woman applies over 515 synthetic chemicals to her body, many of which have been linked to allergies, skin sensitivity, hormonal
disturbances and other concerning illnesses. Limiting these products has not only been found to enhance your physical health but also your mental health and well-being through this selfcare and peace of mind.

3. Radiant and glowy skin from cleaner and purer ingredients. Nature is filled with countless gems for mankind and skincare with ingredients directly from mother nature helps us achieve the skin we all dream of. This becomes possible because these ingredients meet the same criteria as that of organic food, so no synthetic formulas, complex chemicals or artificial fragrance. We use effective ingredients like Aloe Vera and sea buckthorn which soothe and heal while hydrating, Shea butter and coconut butter to boost moisture and even skin-tone and rosehip, tea tree, mandarin and tea tree oil not just because of their luxuriously lingering scents, but their ability to brighten skin, reduce inflammation, heal and fight breakouts.
Naturally scented products also smell better. Many notice the difference between natural and synthetic scents once they’ve switched to natural. This is because the oils used in natural products are the purest form, straight from the plant, flower or fruit itself.

Plants have amazing healing and harmonizing powers which have been proven to help condition and strengthen our skin in many ways. With benefits as profound as those listed above, making the switch to natural skincare seems ideal. Investing in good natural skincare may cost a little more but the long term and ever-lasting benefits of using natural skincare products eventually
make it a much more economically wiser option.

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