The Beyond Organics guide to Rosehip Oil and the benefits

At present, it is not uncommon to see how facial and body cosmetics products have been incorporating into their campaigns the use of vegetable oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and one of the most important and about which we will talk in-depth: rosehip essential oil.

Whether it's because of the need to formulate products that are much more sustainable, that respect the environment and also help us to take better care of our skin without exposing it to the action of chemicals, the reality is that plant cosmetics is at full capacity and surely their growth will go further over the years. 

Experts agree on the clear need for consumers to purchase products that know exactly their composition, in other words, they don't want a cream in which the back sticker carries a long list of chemical ingredients that no one understands and of which no one has just trusted.

That is why the emergence of vegetable oils, especially in the last five years, has been a revolution for both big brands and their customers. You could say that the middle ground has been found between how efficient it can become good publicity and the veracity that that product actually conveys.

That's where benefits rosehip oil comes in, which is undoubtedly world-renowned for its myriad benefits with just a drop of product. Below we will explain better the origin of this oil and all its possible applications for our daily life, which are many.


Vegetable oils are not new, as they have been used among doctors since ancient times. While it is true, its launch into modern life and the arrival of its benefits in the ears of the population goes back a few 10 years.

This oil comes from a shrub whose common name is "Rosa rubiginosa", from the Rosaceae family consisting of more than 120 genera and 3,400 varied species among trees or flowering shrubs among which is the one that gives this particular oil. Its usual growth area is Central Europe, although there are now plantings of this shrub all over the world, even growing in areas as arid as Africa or India.

However, although Europe has a large production, the main producer and exporter of this plant are Chile with more than half of the world's production on its land.

Chemical composition

That this essential oil is a whole discovery we all know, but do we really know what makes it something so really good? For normal people, these aspects do not seem relevant to us, however, at the chemical level, it is really interesting to know where this wonderful aesthetic and medicinal effects on human skin come from. And you never want to know, do you?

Rosehip vegetable oil is composed of a high amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. These oils are also present in other products of our usual consumption, such as olives or almonds, and we all know what benefits they have in our bodies.

On the other hand, it also has a considerable amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene and tannin. All of them antioxidant ingredients and enhancers of the beauty of our skin.

Benefits rosehip oil

Apart from its entire history and its chemical composition, what we really should care about is what this oil can come to do for. Considered a jewel veradera both aesthetically and medicinally, below we will explain its main benefits and applications for our day-to-day.

Dermatological Properties

It has been shown by various studies that rosehip oil has powerful snacks at the dermatological level, mainly its action on photoaging and hyperpigmentation. Our skin is exposed daily to a large number of harmful agents present in the air, however, its main enemy in the face of premature aging is always the same: the sun. More concretely your UVA-type sun rays.

Prolonged exposure to solar radiation, especially in the summer season where the number of UVA rays triples, causes serious dermatological consequences, most common loss of elasticity, stains and the premature appearance of pronounced wrinkles.

Its high concentration in vitamins A, C, and E, its high content of fatty acids (mainly linoleum oil by 49% and linolenic by 34%) they help the skin's cell regeneration and cause a powerful antioxidant action that softens wrinkles, firms the skin and begins to depigment the steepest spots.

It is also important to mention that apart from these two properties, the best facial rosehip oil is its hydration. It has a hydration action so deep that in just a few weeks it improves noticeably even the dullest skin, giving it a rejuvenated appearance and great elasticity.

Healing effects

You could say that this is its star effect if for some reason it began to become popular it was because of this: its ability to regenerate the cell membrane and help to decrease marks and scars of any size and origin.

It is also by the action of its fatty acids that from its application in the affected areas, preferably with an oil containing a purification of its essence of at least 80%, you can achieve an acceleration of the repair of the skin and therefore, a decrease in the intensity and size of these marks produced mainly by the breakage of the skin.

Several studies confirmed that the use of rosehip oil for extended periods, such as four months, helped surgery women reduce the scars caused by surgery.

It is also a great ally for women who want to show off beautiful legs in summer, especially if they have gone through a period of diet and have suffered a considerable weight loss, resulting in the dreaded stretch marks.

The topical application of the oil, either liquid form or through creams with a high concentration of the product, will nourish the skin and help its regeneration, as well as disguise that unpleasant effect that generates the stretch marks exposed to the sun.

For women over fifty years of age, rosehip will be a great alternative to other cosmetic products in the treatment of darker spots on the skin, reducing its intensity and preventing the appearance of new ones.

Hair benefits

Despite not being one of its best-known effects, this oil can also help us take care of our hair. There are already many manufacturers who have started applying it in their vegetable-based shampoos or moisturizing shower masks, but we can also use it directly without having to buy any by-products. Its powerful regenerative and nourishing action is ideal for people with fragile and excessively dry hair.

Prevents dandruff and the onset of hair irritation problems, such as flaking. It has a powerful moisturizing action of our hair fibers and our skin since we not only have skin to take care of in the arms and legs, no. Our head also needs it and can suffer serious dryness problems.

On the other hand, its presence in vitamins will favor the growth of new hair, enhancing its shine and softness. It is common for people with hair loss problems to turn to this oil to combat the problem and start seeing results in a few months.

Nail strengthener

Another benefit is the hydration of the nails and their cuticles. For women, especially older women or those who work with chemicals in their day-to-day life, the problem of rupture or the appearance of stretch marks on their nails is common.

There are many products created by companies to strengthen the cuticles and prevent their breakage, although the effects are not always the desired ones, nor lasting.

The application by a brush of The vegetable oil of Rosahis will moisturize the cuticle in-depth, giving it a healthy and beautiful appearance, in addition to promoting its growth with twice the strength and resistance.

Digestive properties

If you thought that the properties of this oil were limited to cosmetics and skincare, you will be surprised to discover that it is also possible to use it in a way that favors the functioning of our digestive system.

Specifically, what is used by this flower to be ingested are its petals, that is, the infusion of the petals of the flower that produces this shrub gives rise to drinks full of digestive properties.

Among them, it promotes easy digestions, prevents constipation, prevents fluid retention and is a great ally against menstrual pains thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. However, to better notice its effects the amount of petals should be high and we should take the infusion daily and at least twice a day.

There is no doubt that rosehip oil is one of the most important products of plant origin within the cosmetic sector, and surely over the years its properties will be more. The scientific community does not rest, and over time they will surely discover new ways to apply it to improve our health and appearance.

If you don't already know it and are looking forward to improving the look and health of your skin, hair or nails, don't wait any longer. benefits rosehip oil will be your best ally.

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