Can the organic cosmetics products I buy be a force for positive change?

In recent years, the world's major companies have become aware of respect for ecology and the environment and the ethical production of mass consumption products. This responds to a demand from consumers, most of whom are informed about the chemical components of the food or cosmetic products they buy. Thanks to the desire to respect the environment, organic cosmetics are born. Organic cosmetics are those that have raw materials of natural origin such as waxes, oils, fats and vegetable extracts. These cosmetics have no chemicals or pesticides. I personally started using organic cosmetics when I learned how harmful the ingredients in traditional cosmetics can be.

Before I became an exclusive consumer of organic cosmetics, I learned to read labels that endorsed that these products were truly organic. You can easily identify them because the label says that no chemicals or pesticides were used in their production. The best certified natural organic cosmetics will never attack your skin or cause long-term damage. Besides, there is an important piece of information to keep in mind for those who want to buy organic cosmetics: these cosmetics are not mass-produced, since it takes more time and space to make them. In fact, traditional cosmetics last longer because they have many chemicals that maintain them over time.

The miraculous buckthorn oil

When I started using organic cosmetics my naturist doctor recommended sea buckthorn oil because it has countless virtues for the beauty and health of the skin. The buckthorn oil is extracted from a bush with yellowish fruits and thorny branches. This oil is a powerful moisturiser and antioxidant that regenerates the skin and delays skin ageing. It eliminates wrinkles and expression lines that accumulate over time. The buckthorn oil is especially effective for those with dry skin, because it makes them soft, supple and elastic. It is also useful for those who suffer from psoriasis, since this oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Change begins with oneself

I have always believed that when one wants to change the world one must start with oneself in order to be coherent and credible to others. When I realised that traditional cosmetics are full of harmful chemicals, some of which can cause cancer in the long run, then I wanted to take care of my aesthetics in a different way. Fortunately I got to know organic cosmetics, which respect the environment, animals and ecology. When I started using them, I immediately noticed positive changes in my skin, hair and general health. My friends asked me what I had done to my skin, they asked me if I had had Botox. I told them that I had started using organic cosmetics. Today, several of my friends have started using organic cosmetics.

Some natural cosmetics experiment on animals while creating new products to launch on the market. I found it extremely cruel that animals are being hurt in pursuit of female beauty. Besides being cruel, it is a silly idea, because there are many ways to be beautiful without hurting anyone. Today we have the opportunity to find out about all this thanks to social networks. They're ordinary people share information about the use of animals and chemicals in the making of traditional cosmetics. Logically, there are many sources of more accurate information on the subject, but the spread of this problem in social networks allows that information to reach everyone quickly. Currently, all products that are not tested on animals for their production carry the label cruelty free.

Organic cosmetics is a force for positive change

The title of this article asks: can the organic cosmetic products I buy be a force for positive change? The answer is yes, and change must begin with oneself in order to inspire others. Fortunately, the aesthetic benefits of organic cosmetics are immediately apparent, inviting people to buy them. The more people buy them, the cosmetic industry will accompany the changes in people's consumption and start making the products that people are willing to buy and pay for. Luckily, people are becoming more informed about the damage that traditional cosmetics cause to people's health in the short, medium and long term.

The profile of those who buy organic cosmetics

Marketing specialists are studying the profile of organic cosmetics consumers in order to know them better. Basically they are young adults under 35 years and there are also teenage consumers. They are people interested in the environment, ecology, the ethical responsibility of big companies and a deep respect for animals.

They look for brands that respond to these ideals and ignore brands that do not have ethical values and only think about making more money. Most surprising of all, brands that love the environment and animals are the ones that will make the most money in the future. This forces big companies to take care of nature if they want to remain in the cosmetic industry. Young people are very strict: they simply do not buy products that harm the environment.

The dwindling trust in traditional cosmetics brands

Major traditional cosmetics brands have a hard time gaining the trust of young consumers who prefer organic cosmetics. They already know that certain brands do not respect the environment and do not buy anything they offer. I feel very identified with that attitude. As a consumer, I know the history of certain brands of traditional cosmetics, which were never interested in animal welfare and never respected the ecology. Suddenly, these brands want to appear to love animals and the environment, which is a lie. They are desperate because they lost customers and they don't know what to do to get them back.

The truth is that I recently became aware that natural cosmetics do not respect ecology, experiment on animals and do not take care of nature. Thanks to the social networks I knew that there is another way to beautify yourself, without cruelty or harmful chemicals. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people complained about the animal cruelty used to make traditional cosmetics. That was a big wake up call for me and I started looking for other ways to take care of myself aesthetically. I discovered organic cosmetics that respect my skin. These products do not alter anything in nature, they only extract the best from it so that it can be applied in health and beauty.

Today, most organic cosmetics are sold online, but soon they will be popular in the "real world", it is only a matter of time.

The influence of celebrities on the market

Organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities, because some of them are committed to environmental care and animal protection. This is something very positive for the promotion of the use of organic cosmetics, since celebrities have millions of followers. From social networks, celebrities support the use of organic cosmetics to respect the ecology and take care of their own health. Although it may seem frivolous, celebrities exert a powerful influence on their followers and if they do so for a good reason, it is always welcome.

The power information gives to the buyer

Today's consumer of organic cosmetic products is someone who is very informed and aware of the respect that must be shown to nature. This requires traditional cosmetic brands to change their way of working: stop using toxics and chemicals in the manufacture of products. Nowadays the packaging and labelling of a product is very important. The consumer wants to be informed about what he is buying. It has happened to me that I bought a cosmetic that was supposed to be organic, but later I investigated and found out that this product had a low percentage of natural components, the rest were chemicals. Therefore, if a cosmetic does not provide information on its package or label, it is preferable not to buy it.

More advantages of using organic cosmetics

Another advantage of using organic cosmetic products is that they have no negative side effects. Many conventional cosmetic products use chemicals that may accelerate a certain goal, for example, to remove wrinkles from the face, but then there are dire consequences. Some products generate anxiety and addiction, among other negative effects. Organic cosmetics are very different: they work fast without negative effects, and only a small amount is needed for them to work. When I started using organic cosmetics I was surprised by how effective they are in the short term. The prices of these products are accessible to anyone, since they do not invest millions in advertising.

Final thoughts

Today we have a direct and immediate access to information, which allowed us to become aware of the care for nature that the big brands must have in the manufacture of cosmetic products. It is known that many brands of traditional cosmetics have not respected the ecology and have experimented with animals to test the effectiveness of new products. That is why people and especially young people have preferred to buy organic cosmetics that respect nature and animals. We know that these products do not have toxics or chemicals that harm our health. We hope this will be the beginning of a new era in the cosmetics industry.
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