Why should you use natural & organic toners for every skin type?

Organic toners are a concentrate of beneficial ingredients exclusively of plant origin that use the different properties of flowers and plants to restore the skin's pH, soothe, astringent, mattify, revitalise or moisturise the skin, according to personal needs.

Among the main differences with traditional cosmetics, toners are the absence of chemical ingredients and preservatives, parabens, petrolatums, silicones, and synthetic alcohol. Their blends based on natural hydrolysates (distillates of medicinal plants and flowers) are extremely pure, powerful and guarantee long-lasting results.

What are the main characteristics of organic toners?

There are countless types of organic and natural toners based on the hydrolysates and plant extracts they contain in their blends. They should be chosen carefully according to your skin type as is the case with any other specific facial cosmetic.

The total absence of alcohol and chemical substances makes them particularly suitable both in case of oily skin or acne, which is not further inflamed or forced to produce more sebum in case of rough and dry skin because they do not compromise hydration.

The organic tonic or toner lotion is rich in antioxidants to tone, refresh and restore the pH of the skin. It is full of natural active ingredients from virtuous plant extracts. Thanks to the properties offered by these active ingredients from plants, these facial treatments can bring benefits to all skin types. Indeed, this range offers gentle tonic or toner lotions for sensitive skin, purifying for problem skin, moisturising for dry skin and invigorating for dull skin.

The main role of a toner lotion is, as the name suggests, to tone the skin. But its sanitising action also prepares it to receive nourishing and hydrating care. Indeed, this formula neutralises all impurities including makeup residues. It will also remove traces of limescale from tap water.

Why add organic toner lotion to your routine?

Here are a few good reasons to add toner lotion to your daily skincare routine:

- It helps cleanse away any remaining impurities after facial cleansing and before applying a moisturiser.

- It helps tighten the pores of facial skin.

- Gives radiance to the complexion.

- Optimises the absorption of your moisturiser.

- Moisturises the upper layers of the skin.

- The various active ingredients it contains improve the appearance of the skin, depending on their specific properties (e.g. anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc.).

- It provides a refreshing effect.

Many women use toner lotion every morning. After getting out of bed, it refreshes the complexion and neutralises the excess sebum secreted during the night. This treatment is as beneficial in the evening as in the morning!

What is the organic toner lotion for?

This cosmetic product with its various functions is all interesting, that's why you should not do it without.

First, it perfects make-up removal, removes impurities and dead cells. But whether you wear makeup or not, it is useful. Because, in the morning, the organic toner lotion rids your skin of sebum residues secreted during the night. You can decide to do without the step of organic facial cleanser.

Then, it restores the natural pH of the skin and removes any limescale provided by rinsing with tap water.

According to its composition, and the type of skin for which it is indicated, the organic toner lotion clarifies, tightens the pores, refines the skin texture and soothes. In all cases, it energises the skin, gives a boost to the complexion, makes it brighter with oxygen.

It remoisturises the skin after cleansing, allowing optimal absorption of the treatments applied afterward ( face serum, day face cream, night face cream, etc.). In short, the organic tonic or toner lotion ensures the perfect transition with the other products, to cleanse the skin, and then improve its comfort and protection. The care then applied will be all the more effective.

How to use an organic toner lotion

The toner lotion is applied in the morning and evening, to the skin through a spray or cotton wool application and is not rinsed. Precisely, since it does not require rinsing, it does not need tap water, which can contain drying agents or even irritants for the skin.

If it comes in a spray, spray it directly on the face, and make it penetrate with the warmth of your hands simply placed on your face. Optionally, put your hands in the shell and make delicate suction cups to wake up and energise the epidermis.

Alternatively, organic toner can be applied to cotton. In this case, use it from the inside to the outside of the face, in gentle smoothing. And do not rub your skin, which could attack it!

Use your organic toner lotion as a spray once made up, to fix your make-up. Or, at any time of the day, to refresh yourself!

Why adopt organic toner lotion?

In addition to annihilating the effects of limescale, it brings good active ingredients to the skin. Also, it refreshes and stimulates the epidermis. This full-fledged treatment deserves to be better known, and be fully integrated into your twice-daily routine (if it is not already the case). The organic toner lotion has it all, so treat yourself while doing good to your skin. You have the feeling of “clean and fresh” skin, comfortable, subtly scented with active ingredients from plants.

You are bound to find the right one for you, depending on your skin needs. Head on over to the regulatory formulations based zinc, tea tree, and peppermint if you have the oily or mixed skin. On the contrary, sensitive reactive skin will rely on soothing active ingredients such as chamomile or witch hazel. Finally, if you have dry or mature skin, turn towards regenerating ingredients and conditioners like rose and orange.

How to choose an organic toner

As we have already said, it is very important to know your skin characteristics well in order to choose the most suitable product.

Oily, combination, inflamed and acne-prone skin will benefit from organic toners based on lavender, sage, witch hazel, mallow, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary.

Dry skin will receive hydration and nourishment from rose water, orange blossom, aloe, and lavender.

Mature skin will be revitalized by ingredients such as ginseng, argan oil, eucalyptus, lemon, chamomile, and rose centifolia.

Delicate and reddening skin will be relieved with chamomile, aloe, cornflower, and orange blossom.

Discover which are the best organic toners and who they are suitable for

Since there are as many different types of lotions as there are ingredients, it's a good idea to make the right choice! First, avoid those containing alcohol, as it dries out the skin. Secondly, avoid paying for a product that contains more than 90% of water! Choose a product that contains aloe and hydrolats to get the most out of all the good properties they contain.

The ideal toner formulation: no alcohol!

The first thing to check in a toner is the type of formulation that characterises it. Products that contain aggressive ingredients must be avoided: primarily, alcohol.

Fortunately, alcohol is now less used in the preparation of toners: most brands tend to favor more delicate formulations that do not contemplate alcohol as an ingredient (being a rather aggressive substance that tends to dry the skin) or at least they contain it in minimal quantities.

The formulations of the best brands, in addition to being alcohol-free, are characterised by the presence of soothing and moisturising substances or astringent and normalising sebum, depending on the type of skin for which they are designed.

Products for oily skin

If you have oily or impure skin, choose astringent and purifying toners containing ingredients that can regulate the production of sebum and counteract the formation of impurities. In fact, oily skin needs to be thoroughly purified and disinfected.

From this point of view, tea tree, sage, hamamelis, rosemary, dog rose or lavender toners are excellent, for example.

The toners intended for oily skin should also have the wording "non-comedogenic": it means that they are specially formulated so as not to cause the formation of other impurities.

The best toners for combination skin

Mixed skins have special needs because they are shiny and tending to fat in certain areas of the face (often forehead, nose, and chin), while they are drier in others. In this case, what kind of toner to are you supposed to choose?

A good idea may be to buy two different products: one more astringent and the other more moisturising.

The first is ideal to use in the morning, to dull the skin, minimise imperfections and obtain a good base for make-up. The more nutritious one, however, is better to apply it in the evening.

Which toner to choose in case of dry skin

The main requirement of dry skin is to be nourished thoroughly: it, therefore, takes a toner that manages to hydrate it well, to prevent chapping and also to soothe any redness and irritation to which skin of this kind is easily subjected.

The best toners for dry skin are therefore those enriched with substances (often of plant origin) with marked moisturising and soothing properties: such as honey, rose, chamomile, cornflower, and almond extract.

In closing, always keep in mind that well-nourished skin becomes less sensitive to external aggressions and therefore less prone to redness, discomfort or blemishes!

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