Body Care and Relaxation

Body Care and Relaxation

Your body is a temple and deserves all the care and nourishment you can give it. Nothing says self-care more than a relaxing bath followed by slathering on some organic, aromatic lotions and oils that leave you feeling like you’re floating on cloud 9.

Step 1
Run a hot, steamy bath with a few pumps of our Natural Relaxing Bath & Massage Oil. With a luxuriously rich mix of almond, rosemary, safflower, sunflower and vitamins A, C and E, soaking your body in this will
thoroughly hydrate and replenish your skin making you feel baby-soft. Rosemary is typically used in aromatherapy to reduce stress levels, nervous tension, relieve fatigue, boost mental activity and support respiratory function.

Step 2
Nourish the skin with our Top to Toe body butter containing chamomile and calendula to soothe your senses and offer you deep hydration. When combined, these ingredients can offer unique healing properties to reduce inflammation or dry, damaged skin. The pure vanilla fruit extract in this will ensure you leave a divine, lingering scent wherever you go!

Step 3
To your body butter, add a few drops of our Hydrating Body Oil to enhance moisturisation and experience a total spa-like experience with the aroma of organic hemp, macadamia and seabuckthorn fruit and seed.
These ingredients work together to stimulate skin regeneration and create a smoother and firmer appearance. This oil works best when added to damp skin so your skin can drink up all of the extra hydration for maximum effect. We added fennel, horse chestnut and green tea to the mix to stimulate circulation and detoxify so you feel like a brand new person.

Step 4
Our feet work so hard for us, don’t forget to give them back some love for a full top to toe experience. Our Organic Foot & Muscle Reviver is perfect to nourish and loosen up any tension in the feet. Shea and macadamia offer moisturisation and glow while refreshing spearmint and rosemary will relax the muscles and
work as an anti-inflammatory to soothe any pain or soreness. In circular motions, massage this in with moderate pressure to work through any muscle knots and tender spots and you’ll feel immediate relief.

Making time for yourself is never an investment gone to waste. A natural, organic body care routine will not only benefit your skin but make you feel great about yourself and improve your mental health. So sit back, steam up and slather on those lotions and potions because you’re worth every second!

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