The reasons why organic cosmetic users love Geranium Essential Oil for skincare

They take geranium Essential Oil from the leaves of Pelargonium graveolens, a specific species of plant that can be found in South Africa. Geranium essential oil is a widely used ingredient in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics. There is another variety which is called the Rose geranium. Both are oils with similar active components with the latter just having a more floral scent.

The plant is also now being grown in many countries e.g. Europe and Asia.

There are many benefits according to studies made about this essential oil.

The reason for its widespread popularity is because of its being non-irritating and non-toxic.

It is first introduced for usage in aromatherapy, skincare, and massage. Now, there are other positive demands for it in the market.

Under cosmetic benefits:

Acts as astringent, it is deodorizing, Tonic, it relaxes, balances and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

What are the known benefits of Geranium essential oil for cosmetics?

Improves the overall appearance of the skin. As we age, we encounter different skin issues such as dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Although there are many products we can find from the marketplace that has wrinkle-fighting effects, moisturizing effects, and anti-aging properties. The thing is that sometimes it is not affordable or we need to use it too often just to see its effect on our skin. With the emergence of Geranium Essential Oil, these issues have been somehow resolved.

As these are signs of premature aging we should know how to fight it the earliest. Geranium essential oil helps in skin tightening, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and slows down the aging effects.

It can be used topically or as a cosmetics. Geranium essential oil for the face is said to remove dead skin cells as it promotes the fast regeneration of the skin.

Acts as an anti-inflammatory.

The geranium essential oil has been found to act as an anti-inflammatory agent for episodes where your skin has outbreaks or pimples. Some of these pimples are itchy as well as prone to scratches that may cause infection.

Using the Geranium essential oil will lessen such episodes.

It has an anti-bacterial effect.

Also, the Geranium essential oil is said to have its antibacterial effect where if a wound is present, it hinders bacterial growth making the wound heal faster.

Scar reducer.

It is said that scars heal, but it will take time and money. There is anti scar cream available in the market as well but it may or may not help reduce or remove the scar at all, it is also expensive. By using the Geranium essential oil on the scar frequently it will help in erasing the scar or make it vanish. Use the geranium essential oil when the wound is newly healed, and a scar is appearing, the earliest you use the Geranium essential oil the more effective it will be.

When Geranium essential oil is used for fragrance/scent.

It helps with pain management.

There is a chemical reaction in the brain that when the scent of this essential oil diffuses, it helps soothes pain by relaxing the person giving the person certain relief to the pain.

It helps with depression.

Due to its calming effect, there is a clinical study made that inhalation of the essential oil has somewhat an uplifting effect on a person. Making the person less prone to depressive moods.

Keeps you smelling fresh.

There are reasons our body sweat and sometimes it may cause us to have an unpleasant smell, this may cause such embarrassment, especially if you are in a crowd. Sometimes it is our sweat combined with the deodorant we use that is causing the unpleasant smell. Not to mention the bacteria mixed with our sweat that is causing us to smell further.

It does not satisfy some people using chemically produced deodorants and would rather have a natural product they can rely on. They have found their answer on using a herbal solution which is the geranium essential oil.

It helps in mental functionality.

They say the Geranium essential oil to have its positive effect on the mental function. There are days when we just feel the need to de-stress and just need relaxation from all the anxiety of daily life conflicts. With the aroma of this essential oil, it helps to relax the tired spirit and the physical body.

It helps women undergoing menopause.

There are studies where geranium essential oil was found to be beneficial to women in this stage with the use of aromatherapy.

It helps in simple colds and sinus infections.

By using the Geranium essential oil as a diffuser or by inhaling the oil once or twice a day, will ease the symptoms of colds and respiratory infections.

When Geranium essential oil has a medicinal effect.

It has a diuretic effect.

Sometimes a person needs diuretic to help him urinate frequently, as it will help to lower the blood pressure and decreases the volume of sodium and water in the body. With the help of Geranium Essential Oil, this can be realized. It will further help to decrease urine in the body for those with kidney and liver disorders.

It is anthelmintics.

It helps to expel intestinal parasites, a.k.a. worm in the body. It is such a horrific idea for us to have worms living inside our bodies, which is surely harmful. It can travel to different parts of our body and can damage whatever it lodges to. There is also the danger of these worms traveling to our brain, which can have brain-damaging effects. With the Geranium essential oil’s strong anthelmintic property, it is surely a good way to get rid of worms for adults and children alike.

Relaxes aching and sore muscles.

After a whole day of work-out, one should feel exhausted and feel the aches and body pain.

There are soreness and cramping that is present all over your body. By using a few drops of geranium essential oil to massage the sore muscles, there is an essential relief swiftly provided with its use.

It helps with swelling extremities caused by inflammation.

There are studies made on the Geranium essential oil showing that it has an added benefit for those who have edema or swelling legs and feet. The essential oil when mixed with bathwater can help to ease the swelling.

Said to improve oral health.

Geranium essential oil helps with our dental health. Just by following a daily regimen of using it as a gargle mixed with one portion of water, we are preventing cavities and stopping.

The unpleasant oral smell as well. The essential oil was said to have an antiseptic effect when used consistently.

Repels insect and is a good treatment for insect bites.

Although there are many anti-insect products in the market, it is somewhat made out of unmentionable ingredients and chemicals. It serves its purpose, but then you will ask what is its long-term effect on our body. With the use of geranium essential oil mixed with a portion of water, you can have your own insect and bug spray.

Geranium essential oil, apparently, has the essential compound geraniol with a floral scent that repels insects.

The insects hate the smell of the geranium essential oil, keeping mosquitoes away from you. Not just mosquitoes but fleas, flies, bedbugs including ants.

How do we use Geranium essential oil?

The geranium essential oil can be used as a spot treatment on the face or skin. It can be used as an astringent as well. It is also widely used as an Aromatherapy treatment where you can place a diffuser with a few drops of geranium essential oil. If you like a scent that is leaning more on the floral scent, the other variety of the plant species called Rose Geranium Essential Oil is the one for you.

There are positive effects of Geranium Essential Oil and there are also some negative effects that we need to consider as well.

We consider it safe to use for many, but if you need to dab it directly on your skin, you may consider checking if you are allergic to the product first. If you experience a stinging or burning sensation on the skin, you may be allergic to the oil. Avoid the eye area as well when you are applying Geranium essential oil to any spot on your face cause it might cause eye irritation. For oral intake, there are still studies being made as to its safety, although some attest to taking it in smaller amounts there is also no harm in making sure of its safety first.

For children, we should take extra care when allowing them to use essential oil. They should not just dabble with the substance without the guidance of the adults.


Geranium essential oil is very helpful to users. From its beneficial effects on the skin and the numerous wonders, it can do to our face, the other beneficial effect of this essential oil is just too many to mention. From easing anxiety, depression, treating common infection, and eliminating pain. There is also its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Cosmetic manufacturers are definitely following the trend and trusting the benefits of the Geranium essential oil for their consumers. There are users coming from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, also the Middle East and Africa. We see the continuous growth of Geranium Essential Oil in the coming years.

Always check with your physician or doctor if you are planning on using Geranium essential oil, although it has its array of benefits for the users it is best to ask for your doctor’s advice if in doubt, especially if you are taking any maintenance drugs.

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