Natural and organic face cleansers work. But are they for you?

Be it on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, it is unsurprising to find your favourite Beauty Guru recommending their daily facial routine and perhaps how it helped them to overcome their acne problem. Or perhaps, you may come across ads, that showcases how their herbal oil cleansers helped acne-stricken teenagers conquer and triumph over their skin conditions, accompanied by the before and after pictures of their face.

Inspired by these extraordinary and riveting changes, you may look upon the facial cleansers, only to find the myriad of facial cleansers that contain unfamiliar and odd ingredients. It is not uncommon for modern adolescents to encounter this problem and especially as a teenager, it is undeniably challenging to find the appropriate facial cleansers to achieve clear, moisturized skin. Some even doubt the effectivity of organic cleansers, though understandable due to the higher prices organic and natural facial cleansers and the rise of unreasonably pricey and ineffective ones. It must be first acknowledged that some natural and organic facial cleansers do work, but the crux of the problem may lie in knowing which are good or bad for your skin type. Then, this article shall explore whether it is appropriate and effective for you to use certain facial cleansers.

Indeed, some natural and organic facial cleansers do work and are better than normal ones when they are utilised by the correct group of people. What does 'organic' mean anyway? The term 'organic' has been exploited by attention-hungry companies and definition may be distorted and thus, it is important to note that organic products refer to products that do not have synthetic materials, contain at least 95% natural and organic ingredients and have to be certified. These certifications can be identified such as with the Natural Products Association standard, a green leaf logo, the Whole Foods' in-house Premium Body Care label, the green, and blue sprout logo, and many others.

There are many more new certifications of 'organic' products lately. There are also increasingly more people who would prefer these organic face wash due to the fact that there are many benefits to them. Studies have shown that multiple facial products that have high amounts of chemicals and synthetic materials may cause several undesirable ramifications such as allergic responses or even cancer. By choosing natural and organic facial products and cleansers, it significantly reduces the chances of adverse effects on our skin. It would truly be vexing and infuriating to have unprecedented and detrimental effects on your body and face from the wrong choice of facial product. This illustrates the importance of using authentic and organic facial cleanser, especially for people who have highly sensitive skin or allergies. And, explains why people would spend that extra dollar for natural and organic beauty products and facial cleansers.

Furthermore, many animal rights activists and environment advocates encourage the general public to use these organic beauty products as well. This is because they contain materials that largely more sustainable as compared to conventional farming. This includes the manufacture of the facial product, as the companies will efficiently utilize recyclable or recycled materials in their packaging and minimize impact on the environment during manufacture of the product. Hence, as bizarre and absurd as it sounds, you can even play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and save the environment through your choice of facial cleanser. Lastly, natural and organic facial wash do work better than normal ones. Of course, effectivity of the facial cleanser depends individually on the product itself, and on the user's skin condition. Generally, the natural minerals and beneficial oils not only clean your face or makeup, but also keep your skin balanced, preventing future breakouts and other problems. They help to deter the build-up of pore-clogging materials and may also rejuvenate, detoxify and nourish your skin significantly. These benefits lies in the high-quality materials they contain such as certain herbs, which thus explains the higher prices of these natural and organic products in the store.

Now that we have established the advantages of organic facial cleansers as compared to normal, synthetic cleansers, It is primary to understand your skin type as it varies from individual to individual. The facial cleanser your friend recommends, may not be as effective for you as for your friend. In fact, the reason why many continue to have breakouts and other skin conditions may lie in their wrong choice of facial cleanser. The journey to find a suitable and appropriate facial cleanser or purifying cleanser may be a treacherous one, but this article shall explore the ways you can find the one for you. Hence, let's get into the various purifying cleanser that are suitable for your usage.

1. Dry Skin

You can easily identify this skin type from the lack of natural oils, the almost unnoticeable pores, evident lines on your face, and at times, red patches. Especially during the dry, winter seasons, you may experience irritated skin that sometimes, may peel. Certain cosmetics products, diet, and facial cleansers may aggravate the skin condition. It is thus definitely important to prevent the use of harsh cleansers, foaming cleansers or those with sulfates scrubs, that will deteriorate the skin. This is because they may strip your skin of natural oil that is already at low levels. Stay on the lookout for nourishing and hydrating natural cleansers, or ingredients such as green tea, vitamins or aloe vera, as they would be excellent for keeping your skin soft and supple. However, it should be noted that most natural and organic cleansers in your local store tend to contain ingredients that are harsh to the dry skin, such as tea tree oil. Keep a lookout for organic cleansers with the ingredients that will be healthy for your skin and you will be all set.

2. Oily Skin

On the contrary, you may have oily skins. You would notice if you have oily skins from the noticeable pores, shiny skin and the oftentimes, you would find blackheads, pimples or other acne on your face. You may also find yourself spending on a countless amount of oil-blotting sheets which removes excess buildup. This is due to the fact your skin type will have unequal proportions or more quantities of natural oils than others. This skin type will be trickier to tackle as you may either strip away too much moisture, causing an adverse effect of producing more oil, or strip away too many natural oils, which helps as a protective layer, aggravating the problem and making it worse. It is thus critical to strike a balance of natural oils on your skin. It will then be appropriate to use organic cleansers which contain natural ingredients such as citrus fruits or aloe vera to allow the skin to have a more balanced skin tone, and oil levels. These are nourishing and non-drying ingredients that can also help heal and recover enlarged pores or spots. With the right cleansers, you can attain that glowy skin with a balanced level of oil instead of shine for a longer period of time, as compared to temporary measures like oil-blotting sheets.

3. Sensitive Skin

You may have sensitive skins when you have some sorts of itching, dryness or even burning sensation on your face occasionally. Similar to dry skin, you may experience irritation and redness. This means that you have sensitive skin that is easily disturbed and prone to certain ingredients contained in the facial cleanser, Though the specific ingredients that you are actually sensitive to may be challenging to find out, a general rule of thumb is to check the ingredients in your next organic and natural facial cleanser. Certain cleansers such as foaming cleanser, or those which contain fragrance, harsh exfoliants or soap should be avoided. Instead, it is more encouraged for you to opt for natural, gentle ingredients like lavender, sunflower oil or coconut oil, or natural cleansers that are made up of single or little ingredients. Not only do they hydrate your skin, but they also remove undesirable dead skins without stripping the protective layer of natural moisturizing materials. These natural and organic cleansers can be easily found in your local store and there are increasingly more companies that offer effective, affordable ones that cater to people with sensitive skin. While it may be quite tedious and difficult to find a suitable facial cleanser without causing detrimental skin conditions, with the above general guidelines, sooner or later, you will be able to find the right one for you in no time! You may finally be able to achieve that soft and supple skin with the regular usage of the appropriate natural and organic facial cleanser.

Ultimately, we all wish to have that perfect, supple skin like popular influencers on Instagram have. We have all been through that challenging period of time to perfect our skin, and the real challenge may perhaps be a lack of information on the different skin types and the various facial cleansers that will be suitable. With a clearer understanding of your skin types and different natural and organic face wash for you, you will be able to choose the perfect facial wash in no time! You may also be able to understand how paramount it is to choose a facial cleanser that is natural and organic, with the suitable ingredients for your skin type. Some other tips to keep your skin to look at its best include staying hydrated, moisturizing regularly and to wash your skin thoroughly but gently often! It is never too late to get started down your path of that perfect, glowy skin.

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