Mum and Baby Skincare

Mum and Baby Skincare

Finding out you’re pregnant changes a lot in your life and that might include your skincare too. Certain ingredients can absorb into your body, and therefore, your baby’s body as well so it’s best to opt for natural, organic skincare.

A common concern amongst pregnant women is stretch marks and how they can be reduced or prevented.
Whilst we believe that stretch marks show how powerful we are in the fact that our bodies can stretch and adapt to carry life, we understand why everyone may not be comfortable with them and that’s okay.

We’ve specially formulated our Organic Stretch Mark Cream to help heal stretch marks and soothe the skin while providing rich, glossy nourishment with shea, cocoa and vitamin C and E. Vitamin E is known to lighten scars while the addition of chamomile and calendula soothes any soreness or irritation caused by stretching skin.

We’ve made sure to exclude any essential oils from the formula so it’s perfectly safe to use during
Once your baby is here, we guarantee that our E-Natural Emollient Cream will be both of your best friend. It’s free from paraffins and other mineral oils so it’s perfectly gentle on both yours and baby’s skin.

You can enjoy the nourishing formula of natural chamomile oil and zinc to sooth and protect, while vitamins A, D and E support the skin’s immune system and thoroughly hydrate so you’re both feeling fresh all day long.

Keeping your baby comfortable and happy is all we want and we know that they can be prone to all sorts of skin inflammation, nappy rash being one of the most common.

Our Happy Baby Nappy Rash Balm is the perfect go-to when your little one is experiencing any kind of rash or redness on the skin.

The hypoallergenic formula contains soothing chamomile, marigold, which is used to treat other types of inflammation like eczema and psoriasis, and vitamin E to moisturise, regenerate and soften the baby’s delicate skin.

Shea butter in the formula will moisturise while omega 6 and 7 are essential fatty acids that will soothe and calm the skin and heal any wounds.

Making healthy skincare choices throughout your pregnancy and once baby is here will just remind you how
beautiful motherhood is!

Caring for your little one reaps rewards like no other and by following the tips above, you can ensure that you’re both well looked after and enjoying your precious time together.

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