Winter Saviours

We all know that winter can play havoc with our health; from drying out our skin and hair through to coughs, colds and cold sores.

As well as eating healthily, exercising and getting enough sleep; it may help to arm yourself with a few extra skincare products. Our 100% organic Foot & Muscle Reviver is wonderful specially in the winter months. When massaged in, it will not only ease aching muscles, but will also help to improve circulation and healing. Extracts of rosemary and spearmint are anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and smell amazing! This non-greasy balm absorbs well into your skin and moisturises any dry patches. It’s a versatile product, which can also be used as a soothing organic vapour rub if you have a cold. Our Vanilla Lip Balm contains alpine rose extract, which inhibits the activity of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (which causes cold sores). It does this by stopping the virus adhering to cells. So if you’re a cold sore sufferer, try applying our lip balm as a preventative measure. It’s also jam packed with nourishing oils to soothe and moisturise dry, chapped lips.

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