Organic Skincare Ingredients

Plant ingredients provide our skin with vital antioxidants and hydration and can be a potent weapon against anti-ageing. The chemical constituents that are naturally in plants have been used since Egyptian times for healing and beauty. Many plants act in synergy with each other, so that when mixed together they have a greater therapeutic effect.

For exemplary skin care you need a balance of the Omega 9 Oils (Oleic Acid) and Omega 3 & 6 oils (linoleic acid). Using natural, cold-pressed and organic oils containing natural lipids and high levels of key fatty acids helps to maintain healthy skin condition and combat inflammatory skin disorders. This balance also helps with firmness, elasticity, skin smoothness; reduction in wrinkle depth and UV irritated redness.

Our key Sea-Buckthorn ingredient also contains Omega 7 (Palmitoleic acid)

This has amazing skin regenerating properties and has been used for years by the Russians to help burn victims regenerate new skin more quickly. It also helps fight premature signs of ageing, dryness and loss of elasticity.

This fruit is loaded with antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, and studies show that these two nutrient powerhouses can prevent wrinkles. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, one form of vitamin E, in particular, alpha tocopherol, reduced skin roughness, length of facial lines and the depth of wrinkles when applied topically.

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